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& Description : Noellee and Jessica equally have enormous natural firm tits that were constantly slipping out of their swimsuits. Which was a good thing because we got a glimpse of their hard nipples before the big reveal. After the pleasantries, the girls sensually unleashed their mega melons and they did not disappoint. Noellee and Jessica slowly massaged, caressed and licked each other’s fun bags before inviting Chris to join in on the action. He immediately doused both of the girls with baby oil and titty fucked them. Soon after the ladies slobbed on his Schlong, Chris relentlessly fucked both of the girls and then shot his load all over their pretty faces.

Date of Release: December 18, 2013
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Teens Love Huge Cocks – Noelle Easton

Teens Love Huge Cocks –

Noelle became totally entranced with her math tutor as soon as she saw him. Her parents expressed some reservations about him but he proved to be a great instructor. Little did they know he was going to instruct their little angel in sexual matters as well. Noelle easily seduced him while he was trying to reinforce what she already should’ve learned in math class. When a horny little minx like Noelle starts coming on to you there aren’t many men who could resist. Especially when the alternative is behaving yourself and conversing about Pi. He was much more interested in her hair pie although she freshly shaved it in anticipation of the seduction. For them, 1+1= fun and cum.

Released: July 13, 2013
Size: 332.31 MB
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Naughty Bookworms – Noelle Easton

Naughty Bookworms –

Professor Yahshua is packing up leaving for the summer, when comes in to find out if she was going to pass the class. She is late or does not show up to class often and is not going to pass, according to her professor. She subtly comes onto Professor Yahshua to try and persuade him but he doesn’t quite understand that she is willing to do ANYTHING for a passing grade. Her creamy pussy is begging for his big black cock and he can’t say no to those supple tits and big round ass.

Released: July 09, 2013
Size: 1003.94 MB
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